At NEJYRA Technical Services, we take pride in offering seamless and prompt installation and re-installation services. We have the skills and right tools and equipment to ensure that installation goes off without a hassle. Our team of engineers and technicians is trained, qualified, and certified to install all Rational and Adande appliances and products.

We make sure that we do not disturb the operations of your kitchen during the installation process and we keep downtime to the minimum. That enables you to get your kitchen back into action within no time.

What Can You Expect?
  • Seamless installation
  • Transparent installation pricing with no hidden costs
  • Prompt service
  • Unmatchable warranty
  • 24/7 installation services
  • Trained and qualified engineers and technicians to carry out the installation
  • Efficient and effective installation
  • No installation is too big or small

To find out more about our installation and how NEJYRA Technical Services can make your professional kitchen more efficient, get in touch with our responsive and courteous customer care.